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Who's rubbing it your face? I don't get it? Are people taunting you for having normal animals? Ha ha!! Are they waving normal animals in front of your face and laughing at you? LOL! 'Cause yeah, I guess that would suck.

If people are spewing BS, regardless if they share the same interests/hobbies, then just ignore them. I ignore a LOT of things in this hobby. Remember when people said that 140F is too high of a hotspot for a monitor? Yeah, those were funny times. I don't like Burms, Rocks, or Retics in captivity, but I don't stress about it every day. I don't think people should have such large animals as their needs are probably not met by 90% of the keepers out there. But that doesn't mean I don't frequent the Python forums, or avoid talking to Corey Woods because he breeds Burms. I'm just happy that there's people out there that share the same interests. And if it wasn't for a lot of the morphs, WE wouldn't have the husbandry techniques and knowledge we have today. I'm thankful for all the money that's flying around. Its getting people interested. Its creating new markets. More people are starting to LIKE reptiles (not a bad thing).
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