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So you want the rare, endangered species to fetch higher prices? That's a scary concept. What would happen then? Poaching? Raping of the wild for the last remaining specimens? No thanks. Not on my planet.

As for more work, maybe not. But more risk? Definitely. If you have the only morph in existence and it dies, then that morph goes extinct. But what if you have a normal Ball Python die? Well just go get another $6 animal from the wholesaler. No big deal. No risk, no gain.

And mother nature created alot of the framework for these mutations. DNA is natural. Its not like we're painting them with acrylic paint and calling them a new animal. The DNA existed, its just being combined and refined, not changed.

You want to know why "mother nature's truest creations" are soooo much less? Its because they are imported by the thousands for pennies. You see, morphs are usually guaranteed to be captive bred (a good thing right?) so you know what you're getting. Lace monitors are going for $15,000 Us at the Goanna Ranch. These aren't Piebald. They aren't albino. They aren't Pastel. So its not ALL morphs that are commanding the high prices. Its supply and demand. If there isn't a heck of alot of something, and people WANT it, then who gets it? Well, whoever pays the most. If there is 5 spider Balls in the world, and 250,000 people want them, how do you divy it up? I'd be interested in how YOU'D decide who gets to have them. REAL interested.
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