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Originally posted by Jeff_Favelle
Not ridiculous at all. Why should a breeder go through all the hard work, RISK and time to produce morphs at a lower price
Can you honestly say that someone that produces a $30,000 ball python does $29,950 more work than one who strives to produce beautiful normal specimens???

I don't understand why YOU'RE getting so "excited". If you don't like the morphs, don't buy one. You should be happy. The cost of new morphs drives the price down of normals, and if that's all YOU like, then YOU win. How the he!! could you complain about that? I guess you didn't really think about it then did you?
We have all the right to get excited when everywhere we go its rubbed right in our faces. Perhaps for many of us part of the hobby includes interacting with other hobbysits, but everywhere you go you see this BS of people battling over this morph and that. If we don't want to see it, then we have to throw that whoel aspect of the hobby out the window. I would much rather see the rare and endangered animals fetching the prices that morphs do. Why should mother natures truest creations be so mcuh less than the - for lack of better words - freaks??? I'm not one to complain about price, alot of Canadians seem to like the cheap snakes. I for one don't say "it's too expensive!" I say "I cannot afford it right now". But come one, I don't see why a pattern or colour variation should fetch as much as a house does!
I guess YOU didn't really think about that did YOU?
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