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not if you THNK about it.......

I don't understand why YOU'RE getting so "excited". If you don't like the morphs, don't buy one. You should be happy. The cost of new morphs drives the price down of normals, and if that's all YOU like, then YOU win. How the he!! could you complain about that? I guess you didn't really think about it then did you? If everyone else is paying through the nose for a new color, then doesn't it stand to reason that the less-desired normals would be cheaper for YOU to buy. Is that a bad thing?

As for the price of morphs, I'm glad. I wish it was more. I wish ALL animals cost more. It "sickens" ME when the animals intrinsic value has FAR-outweighed its monetary value. Look at Leopard geckos, corn snakes, beardeds, etc etc. $20 animals? That's gross, in my opinion! They have become disposeble. I hate that. I'd never touch one of those animals because of that. Those animals are worth more to me and the planet inherently (in and of themselves) than anyone will ever pay for them again. Yuck! Also, if someone pays a lot for a snake, you can be damn sure that they'll take care of it. Why wouldn't you, after spending all that money?

Also, without this kind of money floating around in the industry, you simply wouldn't see alot of the animals available that we do today. If there wasn't the financial rewards for some of these things, the efforts and time wouldn't have been put in. And then we'd all go back to keeping anoles and Cuban Tree frogs. How fun would that be? Or would you rather we all had animals raped from the wild? 'Cause that'd be sweet.

And that Labrynth Burm? I don't understand how crossing it out in the States made it extinct everywhere? Did the breedings in the US kill the adult animals in the Uk through some magical process? 'Cause that'd something else.

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