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what it boils down to is suply and demand..if the suply is low but demand is high then prices usually follow suit.
I have to say im with linds on this one,i'll just stick with the no brainer morphs..its easier that way and i cant be bothered argueing over weather something is or isnt a morph.
But whatever the case ,morphs are here to stay weather we like it or long as there is a demand for a certain color mutation,or what have you...there is someone out there who will produce it,and if its rare you can bet the price will be high and there will always be someone to purchase it,Morphs are geared arround the serious collectors, hobbiest and breeders,to someone that merley wants a pet snake morphs are usually of little concern.
Just look at all the people who pay thousands of dollars for a baseball cards or comic books some people look at them like thier nuts..but to them they have a Dunner said,to each his own.
We each enjoy the hobby in diferent ways,but i believe the passion we show for our animals is something that will always remain pretty constant.

Chris M
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