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Personally, the morph craze sickens me. I cannot even bear to browse the ball python forum -on that other site-, and half the other forums and classifieds can really get to me at times. This is not to say I don't like all morphs, there are a few select morphs that appeal to me, but I do not like them because of the dollar value or all the hype that surrounds them, which I believe is often the case. This is not to say I will ONLY own all normals, but for the most part, they will be nice classic specimens of the speices, not mutations. And why should a colour mutation be worth more than a shining example of a rare species??? It's a bunch of BS to me.

Now as for you saying they are ugly, well, that's jsut your opinion. There are obviously enough people that think far from that. I personally think calico retics are beautiful animals. Snow Balls and albino burms however, blech! But that's just all a matter of preference. Nobody can really say for a fact that any of those animals are ugly, just that it is a personal preference.

But back to my point, the whole morph craze sickens me, and a good part of it is driven be the almighty $$, its a crying shame. Especially all the people arguing over whether an animal is this morph or that morph, when in fact it looks more like a normal to me. Alot of these animals ARE in fact just nice normals, but everyone would rather have a morph

If I ever breed any morphs, I'm going for the no-brainer ones OK... you had your rant, and I had mine, whose next? Hehehe
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