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just a little thing i want to get off my chest, y r ppl so excited about new colour morphs???? i saw in the recent Reptile magazine a picture of a leucistic blackheaded python..GOOD GOD it was the ugliest thing i ever saw! unfortunatly it will proabaly cost a few thousand dollars more than a beautiful natural looking bhp. some of the recent mutaions are truly laughable (in my opinio anyway!) some of the names for ball pythons are great! and the prices that go with them are even funnier. $5000 for an axanthic ball?????? it's ugly.
calico retics for god knows jow much...they look like they've been dragged through a puddle of mud. Bullseye rainbow boas, looks like it has a scale defect or a bit of mould. Small time breeders make up names all the time in the hope of bumping the price of a regular ball python up by whatever they want. some of the american ads are great fun too, killer patterns, screamers...whats next murderous peaks?
it's the same for lizards too, leopard geckos are beautiful animals, but some of the mutants available nowadays are anything but screamers. now i see that crested geckos are being diversified. chocolate morph, dalmation etc.
corn snakes, another great pet snake. has more colour morphs than i've had hot dinners (and thats alot!!)
i have no problem with ppl wanting to keep these weirdo animals, but i think that the only variant that i can say looks better than anything else is the boring old albino. anyone remember when the first albino burm came along? in england they were selling for 7000 a pair, bred by a great bloke called dave lester.
i guess my main point of pissiness, is the TRUE labrynth python. it was first discovered in thailand in the early 70's a zoo in england was the only place i heard of that had some. they tried to ensure that they kept this new species pure, but unfortunatly they couldn't and then some breeder in america had some, but couldn't get them to breed, so he crossed them with a burm, the result....the possible extinction of a python, and more crossed and hybridized pythons.
enough rambling for one day, just food for thought. if ppl breed these animals then ppl will buy them, but after producing snakes for a fair few years and seeing some beautiful animals i still can't see the point in morphs.
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