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Thank you, well, on the sidewalk they were both leashed, but not held back in any way, there was plenty of slack for them to do what they needed. If my dogs were gonna have it out I just needed to be able to pull them back without sending my hands into a fight, know what I mean? I knew S80 would be interested in being out of the yard, and going for her walk. Besides, she'll totally take off if not leashed, and I'm still trying to figure out how to break her of that. She comes to me when called, but only if leashed, or inside the apartment.

Yesturday, Cedar seems to be taking a much more submissive posture when greeting S80, but after awhile becomes a little more assertive. I will continue to let S80 'correct' her while under supervision. (They are not allowed to spend time together alone yet). I took some great photos of S80 and Cedar last night in part of our yard, I hope to post them soon... (Since they were taken with a regular 35mm I have to have the photos scanned and saved on a disk before I can post them. I understand Wal-Mart does this reasonably cheap??) We'll see! =)
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