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Artemis- what am i rescuing them from? try HUMANS for number one. people will take a brrom and smack one, breaking their wings, etc.. i CAN set a wing bone and sometimes they will be able to fly normal afterwards. Cats are another reason i get them, i also get a bunch of orphans.

Devon- i think you need to re-read what you posted. Bats that fly don't have rabies? where did you hear that? Rabid bats can fly for a while. i agree that bats get a bad rap, but it is b/c a rabid bat on the ground is picked up by a well-meaning human and gets bit, then we have MASS Stupidity with the the health department and scaring the public to death. i would rather people know the truth and NOT touch it with their bare hands, but scoop it gently into a container until they can get it to me. Most Bats do not have rabies, but those are the bats that you and i will never see. it is the sick and orphaned bats that i get. and i have dealt with at least one Rabid bat. i'm not a shelter worker, i am a rehabber. i work with only wildlife, just bats. i love bats, but people need to know that Rabies is dangerous. but they also need to know that Bats don't go looking for trouble, if they are rabid they usually hide.

Also not sure what you mean by CB. if you think there are breeders and that you can have bats as pets, that is untrue. it is illegal to OWN wildlife. you need a special licence to get fruit bats, but you won't be allowed to own a native species. the only way i was able to be around them is to volunteer for a wildlife rehabber for a year and apply for a licence. if that is something you would be interested in doing that would be great b/c we can always use more bat rehabbers.

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