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Thanks guys, I now have an update...

Yesturday, my sister brought the puppy to where I work... I thought that Cedar would be intimidated, but she quickly opened up to all the attention from my co-workers. We then left and visited a PetStore that is located across the street... since it was the middle of the afternoon I figured there would not be as many people and animals there.

Upon entering the building (Cedar had to be carried), there was a GIANT white shepard there to greet the customers. I was surprised at the difference in reaction by Cedar. Instead of growling and being defensive as she was with S80, she was submissive, then playful after all the sniffing had been done. In fact, I had a hard time getting her away from that big, friendly, dog. Since we were there to find a cage muzzle for S80 (in case she decided to bite the pup), we walked around for a bit and she met other dogs and people, including another pup. Long story short, I didn't buy the muzzle, and my sister and I left to go home, where S80 was waiting.

I instructed my sister to stay with Cedar on the sidewalk in front of the house while I leashed S80. S80 and I walked over, and, (as I suspected), she took a few wiffs of the pup and was ready to go on a walk. We walked a bit with nothing remarkable to mention.

BUT, when we came back home, both the dogs were doing so well, that I decided to give them treats. I had to planned to give each a treat at the same time. I broke a bone in half and offered to each dog simultaneously. Cedar's half fell out of my hands while she was trying to grab it from me, and S80 reached her paw out to grab it... then Cedar immeadiately began snarling at her. I must say it was quite impressive to see and hear the pup doing this. S80 sat quietly, focused on the pup... I think she was a bit surprised, too! After it was over, the pup continued to snarl and growl at S80 whenever she came near. She really held a grudge, so I guess Cedar percieved being locked inside my apartment (while I picked up Trevor from work) as punishment. When we came back home and opened the door she flew out of the apartment, wiggling and wagging; happy to see everyone, even to S80.

Because it's cold outside we elected to keep the pup indoors to sleep with us. We thought the night was uneventful but then we discovered a pile of crap on the kitchen floor... ahh the joys of housebreaking!

Trevor took Cedar to work this morning to further her socialization, and he called not too long ago just to tell me she's doing well.

Well, that was a long and boring story, huh?

The only concerns I have now is that S80 is sure to discipline the pup when she gets out of hand. S80 tends to 'rush' the pup with her mouth open, but doesn't actually bite... she just places her mouth on the pup's body, I guess as a warning or something. An example; S80 knows that when she's inside she is not allowed on the couch. Cedar started to climb on the couch at one point, and S80 rushed over placed her open mouth over the pup's withers and emitted a sort of low growl. The pup got down and they were friends again.

I hope to enroll both dogs in a training program where they can learn and play together.

Well, thanks for reading my book! LOL =)

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