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Poor Beth- I hope they make it back to you.

I hate stealing. People who steal suck. It amazes me the number of people I actually have known who will steal things at the drop of a hat. A lot of people develop this moronic idea that the companies they steal from wont really miss it, and in some way they are "sticking it to the man." Meanwhile the companies DO miss it, and just drive prices up for the people who PAY for things to compensate for their losses. It sickens me to know the price of everything I buy would drop a LOT if people didnt steal. They arent stealing from the big companies, they are stealing from ME, ultimately.

It sucks that they let these kids go, but hopefully it at least scared them to the point it wont be something they want to do again. If you have their names, you might consider civil legal action. Any closed circut cameras at these shows perchance?

Best wishes for the Tortises-

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