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Just keep in mind that two female dogs fighting is a lot more serious than two male dogs fighting. Males may fight more often, but a fight between two females is much more serious and more likely to result in injuries. Though with the pup being so young that is not going to be a problem right now.
I disagree with the person who said to teach your dog not to growl. Growling is a way of communicating for a dog. It is a way of saying that something is bothering him/her, telling another animal to back off, etc. It's a warning. Much better than a dog that does not give a warning and just bites or attacks. Dogs can not talk with words, why take away their communication? Now if you have a good relationship with your dog and your are the leader, then you're dog should not be growling at YOU. But why on earth would you want to teach your dog to never growl??
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