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Originally posted by nguyen_inc
did they ever wrote about the first albino red tail boa, super hypo leo, ect, and all of the other goodies that some people dream of producing their whole life?
How is that going make people feel better about reptile owners or look at them in a better way. breeding to alter the genetics of snakes to apeal more to humans is pretty stupid and worthless in general. Sure its fun for us but seriously it serves no purpose other than profit for humans.

If you want good news to be spread about herp keepers then look at the breeders that release to the wild and help protect endangered animals. Look at the foundations all over the world that house animals for rehabilitation or breeding purposes to further insure that the animals we love and work with every day are here for the future generations to enjoy. How about making sure they are long lived and protected by goverment as well.

We as reptile enthusiast are both good and bad for the whole reptile scene. We obviously love our reptiles and many breed for a varity of of different reasons but we also keep the illegal trade of snakes and lizards going. The bigger the market for reptiles the more wild caught animals are being depleted from their natrual habitat. You can look at it anyway you want and debate it all you want but this is a sad fact that will not change.

Dont get me wrong I love the trade of wildlife for captive care but I think the laws should be tighter on both sides of the suppliers and the consumers so that the animals in hand are fairly and equally distributed throughout the world and trade market.

~ Hooter

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