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Wow!!! Sounds like a killer tattoo there Kolleen! That will take quite a few hours of work there, are you sure it's going to be done in one day??? Yes, it will hurt, but it will sooooo be worth it! Can't wait to see the pics!
Ohhhh NO!! Im not crazy enough to have it done in one day. I can only handle 3 hours under the needle at a time(yes Im a wussy!) but the outline will be done the 5th and my guy put me on an hourly rate so I can have some done each month. This will take me at least 8 mos to complete.
But the cool thing artist have a ton of herp knowledge and his dad breeds colubrids and the reason I chose his is because he knew what kind of snake she was within 2 seconds of seeing her pic, and believe me, tiger retics are not common in Utah. But I think he is more excited than me...LOL

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