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Hello everyone.

I have a bit to say. Bear with me.

First I'd like to thank EVERYONE in the reptile community. Not just but all the reptile people that contacted me in this whole ordeal as I posted Sean's story on other boards I frequent. The response was amazing, and comforting for me.

Secondly, thanks to Matt_K for posting my message yesterday. I didn't feel up to posting but at the same time, all the wonderful people everywhere deserved to hear the end of this horrible tragedy after all the thoughts and prayers they have taken the time to give. He is also one of the only people I can talk frankly to through this as all my family is in California, and I could only say certain things online and to people emailing me.

I cannot express how I am feeling now, but the words empty and angry help. The only comforting thing is seeing all you wonderful people writing such nice messages so I know Sean was lost but not forgotten and never will be. Hanging out in my snake room helps too. It's funny how you find out how calming your hobby can be (no matter what it is) in a time of extreme stress. Watching them coast through their cages without a care in the world is much like a fish tank at a doctors office.

Anyways I am going to work on getting back to normal and hopefully helping my family deal with this. Sean will be extremely missed this is a huge blow to us. Thank you again everyone.

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