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Thanks, that was particularly reassuring to me. Honestly I think if didn't hold back either dog S80 would probably approach Cedar, and Cedar would probably start growling or something. I don't think they'll get into a full-on fight, but Cedar definately needs to learn that getting along with other animals is very important. She wants to be by herself, and while I understand this is all very scary for her she needs to know other animals aren't bad. S80 is a fine dog, and I know she's dying to play with Cedar... S80 on the other hand, doesn't seem intuitive enough to realize that Cedar is scared of her. Well, I'll let you guys know what happens... if anyone has more to add or advice to give, please do so within the next couple of hours... I will be leaving work soon....

Thanks again, to all of you... =)

P.S. Just read your post, Dawnell, thanks! It's weird, A majority of people I've talked to have said just to let them get it out in the open. I hope everything works out... I'd really, REALLY hate to give this puppy back!!!
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