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Well, thanks, those are two very different opinions. Please keep in mind we are dealing with a 1 1/2 yr. old Shep/AmStaff mix(S80), and an 11 week old Purebred AmStaff puppy (Cedar). Cedar is actually the defensive one, and I know she's been stressed. One day she's with her family, the next she's in another home, and the day after that she meets S80, who is ready to play and is bouncing around and barking.

They did do some nose-to-nose introductions but the puppy is a bit snappy at S80, and my only real fear is that S80 will turn on her for not being 'polite'.

I think the puppy acts a bit snobish... she's very sweet and open to being around people, but she's not very nice to S80. I think with consistant Positive reinforcement I can get these two used to each other... but I really wanted dogs they will enjoy each other's company... (Part of the reason I got the puppy was so S80 would have someone to play with while I'm at work during the day). Is there any chance this will work out?? We'll see what happens... any advice is still appreciated... Thanks again.. =)

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