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Puppy Intros

Hello All!

Well I have some questions for you guys regarding introductions between two dogs.

I've had S80 (Sadie) now for a few months and she is wonderful. Loves to play, extremely hyper and a little sad when I leave for work in the mornings; (literally she'll grab my ankle with her paw as if to say, "No! Don't Go!") I love her to death, she's the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

Now, this last weekend I was given an 11 week old Staffordshire Terrier (Full-blooded) who is gorgeous. I let her acclimate for 24 hours before the first introduction to S80. She was a little scared, but this is not an excitable pup. She doesn't bark, or run around or anything... she's very serious...

Anyways, the introduction: Besides myself, there were my sister and her boyfriend present to observe and help with handling. To help S80 feel better I scratched her, and talked to her as my sister and her boyfriend carried the pup over... then they stopped at a distance of about 10 feet from S80 and I.

With S80's scent still fresh on my hands I walked over to the pup and petted and scratched her. I then returned to S80, who, bless her heart, wasn't even jealous. I let S80 sniff around, and she was happy to see the pup. She wanted to play, but the puppy showed her teeth and was a little defensive, which I totally and completely understand.

I do have to option of returning this dog to it's owner if things don't work out, but I'm planning a second introduction today. I need some ideas to help make this go smoothly, and even though S80 is very into this, I think her jumping around and being excited is scaring the pup, who then gets defensive.

Well, if you guys have any ideas let me know please... It would be nice if these two got along! Thanks in advance! =)

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