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Blah, that sucks Beth. Hope they're eventually returned to you.

I'll happily volunteer to be a 'bouncer' at any upcoming alberta shows. at 6'2" and 250lbs I think i'll manage OK

Concept: Ever wonder what those big stands are by the doors everytime you enter or leave pretty much any store these days? they're scanning you to make sure you didn't steal anything every time you enter or leave.

Now to play devil's advocate a bit... I know it's a pain but in almost every instance i've heard of a herp being stolen from a show they are easily preventable crimes of opportunity. Considering the value of some of these species i'd keep them under lock and key personally. Yes it's a pain in the rear to construct and lock/unlock a display case whenever you want to interact with them but it would have stopped almost all instances of theft that i've heard of in the last year or so.
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