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Thanks all for your support, and thank you to Greg, Lowell, and others that tried to help us scour the area for these buggers but to no avail. Thanks to the Petland employee (sorry name escapes me at this time) that acted so quickly and phoned her head office and send out an alert, and the idiots ended up at her store to buy the lights I recommended. Unfortunately, by the time we were able to get to the store, the kids were released as there was nothing to hold them on at the time, and are now probably dumped or in others hands. I just hope that someone somewhere hears of something. I have offered a reward for their returns, so if anyone hears or sees anything, please contact Greg at TARAS or myself personally. I do not blame anyone but myself for their being taken, and I think that TARAS did a great job at the show. Thanks for the great time otherwise.
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