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Originally posted by concept3
If I start gettin harrassed at the shows everytime I leave for receipts I would simply stop going to them. I do think theft is bull$#&@! but you cannot treat everyone like criminals because their is a couple of idiots out their who are to cheap to pay for the stuff they want. Infact it would make me so raging mad I would give the "checker" a peice of my mind.
Sad. Ever been in a chain store before, like Sears or Walmart? You must be popular then with their staff eh? Security measures are in check everywhere we go. At least we're not installing security cams and mirrors. Yeesh!

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the older TARAS shows have the sticker method to label purchases as legit? The NorthWest Captive Breeder's Expo in WA has checkers at the exits checking receipts. Not always but they do random checks on every other person.
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