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Vanan that is an awesome idea! Receipts would never hurt anyone. Or maybe a sticker system where stickers are put on a purchased animal or product and the doorman takes it off the item. They would be universal with some sort of TARAS logo on it or something? Or whatever show it would be. Then the theif couldn't renter and try to use the same receipt. It has crossed my mind that stealing from these shows is possible with much ease as some vendors have 4 or 5 tables. Henry Piorun had a huge selection and he could only be in one place at one time. Either way I hope these tortoises are returned and purchases at Pet stores for toirtose foods are monitored closely. I would have loved to see them running away with them and just clothes lined them. That would have been fun. Any discriptions of these guys or better yet, pictures from a security camera at Petland? It always tells us we are on camera at Petland so they have to have something.

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