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Myself, I picked up 1 crested gecko and my girlfriend got one as well so they threw in a baby. The couple we got them from were from Victoria but I forget their names. So I basically got 3 for the price of one as my girlfriend has to keep hers at my house. They are unsexed but we are hoping for 2 females outta the 3. Also, I picked up a jungle carpet python from Kyle Kunimoto located in Calgary. He gave me a very good deal on it as I recently picked up an IJCP from him in Red Deer. He's an awesome guy to deal with. Also, I thought I'd give the tarantula thing a go so I bought an older male rose hair from Arachnophiliacs. They had everything! Hopefully they keeping coming out west from Toronto. Apparently it isn't expected to live much more then another year (so i'm told), so I thought this would be a good way to see if I liked the invertebrate scene as it isn't as big of a commitment as buying a youngin. Don't worry, it will still receive the care it needs even if it turns out I don't care much for them. It was an awesome show, thanks Greg and everyone else who contributed to making this show happen! Now we all go into hibernation and wait for the spring show.

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