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Hi guys. Thank you everyone for writing and reading this thread. I haven't had a chance to email everyone who has written me personal messages, so please forgive the no response. Aside from the search for Sean.. responsibilities, I just yesterday got caught up on all my reptile chores. Which I am sure you can imagine how it gets when THOSE jobs get behind. I swear if my snakes had toes, they would have all been tapping them waiting for their meal (which was a week late) last night! On top of those things, my roomates left yesterday for a two week vacation they have had planned for months. So keeping up has been difficult.

As of now we are in the same place we were 6 days ago in regards to his location and information we have. Sean has now been missing for a week and 12 hours.

You can still visit but its only a link to the newer website,

Again, thank you for all your thoughts, well wishes and ideas. When Sean is found safe and sound I will be printing out ALL correspondance I have had during this ordeal, and showing him all the wonderful people who were concerned about him and helping with ideas and searching. Thank you.

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