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I'll give it a shot, but not all my budgies have turned out to be talkers, just 2 out of 7 and only one that was clear and somewhat understandable.

Saffron had the unfortunate habit of picking up words here and there and then stringing her favorite words and phrases together into "sentences."

Many is the time she would fly to my shoulder, nibble on my ear, and come out with something like "Hello, crikey, bite me pickle love you *******."

I swear I'm not making that up!! Saffron's first owner used to say "Don't bite me" whenever she would reach into the cage and Saffron only picked up the "Bite me" part. She learned crikey from the episode of Crocodile Hunter where panther chameleons keep biting Steve. That last word got picked up when my mom and I were mad at my dad and she came over to my house to complain about him. ;p
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