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from my *personal* experience, a lot of the specialty reptile heat bulbs aren't any different then using regular incandescent lightbulbs you can get a the grocery store. I've also noticed that the "reptile" bulbs burn out a whole lot easier and are a lot more fragile. Granted, I have only needed to use heat lights for daytime uses.

others who use lighting for nighttime heating might have another opinion.

Sorry if this didn't directly answer your question, but it's good information to have. I hate seeing people spending $10 on a 100w "reptile" bulb when you can spend the money better on a regular lightbulb.

depending on the wattage, you might want to look into other nocturnal heating. If you are looking to heat a larger area, you might want to go to home depot. I have purchased big halogen floodlamps (and the infrared heat lamps). they are about the same price as reptile bulbs, but mine have lasted me a very long time.

Best of luck

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