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Originally posted by meow_mix450

The other day me and my friends were aruging on how the word is pronounced. We dont know if its Pet-a Or Pe-ta/pita lol. So i was wondering if someone knew excalty how its said


First off, the phrase is, “The other day my friends and I …” Sorry, just had to say that

Originally posted by HeatherRose
I'm saying its' Peta (pita).

It's an acronym, and you're actually SAYING the letter 'e' right?

This is the reason it is pronounced “pee-tah”. The organisation uses the acronym PeTA.

But a good example of why it is pee-tah and not pet-tah is that a single consonant following a vowel gives the vowel a long sound (eg: bat is not pronounced “bate”, cat is not “kate”). When a vowel is followed by double consonants or a second vowel, the vowel takes a short sound (eg: betta is “bet-tah” not “bee-tah”, litter is not “lite-ter”. See above for the second vowel examples). So for PeTA to be “pet-tah is would have to be spelled Petta.

Originally posted by ChunkyMunky
Yes, PETA is said like "Pita" and it means People Eating Tasty Animals i beleive .
Usually I ignore this stale joke but please consider that some people take the killing of animals for food as a serious moral issue. Every time someone cracks that PeTA joke, they are down playing someone’s beliefs. It would be different if the joke was “people terrorizing animal-lab-technicians” or something. No one slaps anti-abortionists in the face with dead baby jokes so consider the same thing with animal rightists – even if you don’t agree.
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