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Oh the pic of the 8 ft komodo was taken by placing the lens of the digital camera in a hole at the front of the trap.

I think we caught around 15 to 20 dragons while we were there but a lot of them were recaptures. We caught the 8 footer in the same trap twice.

The dragons were not that hard to find. Some of them hang out near the ranger stations. I literally bumped into at least 3 while we were walking to check the traps. Saw one basking on the rocks near the sea on Gili Motang. Saw a huge one which was 9 or 10 feet up on the bank of the dry river and he ran when he saw us coming and hid in this big hole. We tried to lure him out with bait but no luck... he just wouldnt come out.

I guess I managed to hook up with San Diego on this expedition by having the right contacts. Trevor, Im always going on these adventures coz its what I love doing. I do have a regular Joe graphic design job but I do work at a reptile zoo on the side and my passion is in working with reptiles and educating the public (aswell as myself) on these amazing animals. I think my next trip is going to be to go back to India and work with the Crocodile Bank again. Ill have to wait a couple of years for that though.
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