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Talking Pics from my trip to Komodo

Well I just got back from Komodo on the weekend. Was there with Ravi and Shaggy helping out San Diego Zoo with their research. Some pics for you guys. Hope you like them

Weighing a dragon

Sunset on Gili Motang Island

My home on Gili Motang. Tent on the beach.

View from the tent.

The team.

Star trail on Gili Motang

Here I am inserting a PIT tag so we can electronically identify the dragon.

A little dragon we caught

A bigger dragon

8ft dragon in one of our traps

I wanna hold your hand! 6ft dragon

Carrying 1/3 of the trap to its location on a dried up river bed on Komodo Island. This is week 2 and Im tanned like anything now.

Eye of a 8ft dragon. Check out the reflection of my camera in its eye.

Komodo Nest

Measuring the 8 footer

Dragon claws

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