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Here is a whole list of herp related abbreviations:
BRB =Brazilian rainbow boa
AMMIE = Amazon tree boa
GTP =green tree python
BCI = boa constrictor imperator
BCC = boa constrictor constrictor
ETB = emerald tree boa
ATB =Amazon tree boa
BCO = boa constrictor occidentals
BCA = boa constrictor amarali
BP = ball python
IGGY = iguana
RETIC = reticulated python
BURM = Burmese python
ARP =African rock python
ARG = argentine
UTH = under tank heater
CHE =ceramic heat emitter
P/K =pre killed
F/T = frozen thawed
CRB =Columbian rainbow boa
ARB =argentine rainbow boa
SSP. = sub species
JCP = jungle carpet python
RTB = redtailboa
SAV = savannah monitor
BEARDIE = bearded dragon
SURI = suriname bcc
CHONDRO = green tree python
F/K = freshly killed
ARGIE = argentine boa
ANNIE = anaconda
EBT = eastern box turtle
RES = red eared slider
DUM/DUMMIE = dumeril's boa
WC =wild caught
CB = captive bred
CH = captive hatched
LTC = long term captive
POM = PROvent -o- mite

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