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Nope we Albertan's don't take too kindly to Rats. Anyone that has ever lived where Rats are a problem can relate I'm sure. They are a pest species that can/will cause major issues if left unchecked. If you like living with Rats running rampant, destroying crops etc., contaminating goods, spreading disease, good for you. Me I like the Rat free enviroment myself as do most people. The $5,000 fine is there to deter infestation & if that isn't enough for ya you can also do 60 days in jail. Rats are not a feral species here nor are they desired to be. Everyone assumes Rats are native, but they are an introduced pest species that have been around so long most people just accept them. Not us Albertans though, we'll leave the Rats for the rest of the world to "enjoy" LOL Mark
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