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I *think* Sean's cell phone is off or else they could use that. Unfortuantly his car was bought used from a friend, and as it's a 1993, there is no such device.

LUCKILY our step dad is a lawyer and is handling this situation better than most people would. He has taken control and knows what he is doing. Thank goodness!

As of this morning I have updated the website with a "updates section" with some new information but as for Sean and the car, no idea still.

Each day is so unreal to all of us. I am floating by the hours and nothing seems to be really happening or its all like a dream. Frustration is my biggest emotion right now *Sigh*

To top it all off last night I am walking up my stair case and I see a four foot snake casually touring the stairwell! grrr...I guess missing a feeding really pissed them off!

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