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Well the medias on this like flys to ... I myself was awoken this morning by Michelle McDougal an A Channel reporter (local news stn.) She had lots of questions & wanted to come to my house with a camera crew & do an interview within the hour of the call. She had already called others as well. Long story short I declined & Christian will be on the news tonight. He is going down to the station with a Boa I beleive & some frozen feeder Rats to appease them with an interview. If I had beleived that it would have been good media coverage or wasn't just woke up with an hours notice, I would have let them come as I have nothing to hide, but with all this bad press already I didn't want to be part of it & I'm not really what some people would consider politically correct looking LOL I think it more appropriate that Chrisian deal with them as a board member of the TARAS society & rescue than myself as a private snake breeder. As already stated we have been drug into this enough already & her interest was rats not snakes & she wanted something RIGHT NOW not tomorrow when I suggested may be more appropriate for a camera crew to show up at my house. I'll be glad when this all blows over anyhow & hopefully us Herpers reps won't be any more damaged then they already have been as a direct result of this incident. Mark
P.S. BTW Ryan I need some more Live Rats now eh! JOKING
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