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I liked how you put it on the pet rat keepers / breeders in the article I read. Well done!

I hope this is just bad timing, and not an act of malice or something.

Speaking of coincidental timing.....

Last Monday met with a Lawyer and then attended a R.M meeting, about a rat producer in this province being shut down. All went very well, and the many of the R.M. people actually had common sense, which prevailed in the end.

Anyhow.... Something interesting brought up was that college students used to let rats go in downtown Calgary as a college stunt. This was used to show that they don't survive, as downtown calgary is an excellent place for rats to live - which all of us Saskatchewan folk had a bit of a laugh over. But, what I also remembered, was being told about someone from B.C who used to let rats go at every TARAS show about 3 or 4 years back.
Here are some articles I've read

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