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Originally posted by gonesnakee
Who do we know that lives in Acadia is the question???
Nobody, as far as we can tell. I have a number of reasons to believe that the rats, whether escaped or released, belonged to someone breeding them as pets for the underground market (a hell of a lot more profitable at $20-$30/rat vs. $3-$5/rat as feeders). That being said, the connection between rats and snake-owners has already been made in the media, so damage-control is quite critical at this point.

This is what went out to the papers today:

In response to the story "Live rats dumped in city alley", 04.09.21; I would like to assure the Province of Alberta, City of Calgary, and the citizens of our city that both The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society, and Reptile Rescue Alberta support the laws of our province, condemn the keeping/breeding of any live rats in this province, and understand how serious the potential introduction of a destructive, invasive species such as the common or Norway rat could be. Both organisations hope for a swift and satisfactory completion to this investigation, and would like to offer any assistance that we can in this matter.

G. A. Christian Bilou
Director, Reptile Rescue Alberta
Legislative Co-Ordinator, T.A.R.A.S.

I have reason to believe that the authorities have a lead or two, and both point towards pet rat cross your fingers on this one, as even if it is pet rats, there could still be some exotic backlash.
G. A. Christian Bilou, MA, B.Sc.
Director, Reptile Rescue Alberta
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