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Alright, that's weigh out some stuff and see whos taking more from you.

Snakes (pets) - are confinded to there enclosure, you have to feed them once a day to once a week, clean up there poop and spilt water, you only have to handle them once a day or so (if that), you can go on holidays and not have to worry about, they're gorgeous, amazing to look at, fun to show off, great to lug around but sometimes grouchy

Men- take up your entire living space (farting and belching as they go wherever they please), hog the bed, need three or more well cooked meals a day, have to be picked up after, need there laundry, dishes and so on done, need constant attention (sometimes supervsion), IF you can go on a holiday with out them you come home to them in front of the tv, dishes everywhere and there eyes dialated from lack of sunlight, they look good and you can how them off (IF they've showered), Fun to play with but often moody.

Think about it LOL
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