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LOL I HATE the paneling!!! The car will be painted, paneling REMOVED, the trim replaced, doors fixed (both driver side doors do not open from the outside! It's a pain just to get in), it'll also get a system, rims, a lift (3 to 5 inches), etc. So much that needs to be done! It also needs a new exaust kit, muffler, and I'll put money on the fact that the tranny will probably need to be replaced soon as well (it's almost 20 years old and still goin' strong!).

As for the GM/Jeep parts, yes I believe most are interchangable... at least between older models. I wanted a custom build, though, instead of just picking up a motor and paying for the R&R, if that's what your asking... Oh, yeah, and that's the original paint on that car... a nice, ugly, dirty penny kind of color... LOL =)

BTW, My car's name is "PlayThing" =D

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