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Ptindy, i totally get what your saying. The fact though really is, this thing will be too heavy for most driveways to begin with. Its Tare weight alone would detract most. Plus, due to the weight of the vehicle you will require a D/Z license to drive it. The up keep and general cost of repairs on these monsters is 100% more expensive then something the size of say a hummer as they use diesels, but small chevy 6.9 litres generally. Im sure IHC will use their DT466 engine....which is a great motor by the way, but they may run their newer design. I think even though they are somewhat gearing them to the general public, im sure you'll find they will end up being used more so as a general purpose truck for trades...Ie local municipalities for whatever...gardening etc. Another big draw back to this thing would be the dual wheel law. Due to the fact this thing ways so much, here in Ontario it would have to have a commercial vehicle statis with an annual inspection for safety....plue an annual emissions test ( Something cars are not even as strict in). Since it would have a commercial decal, it would fall under the dual wheel bylaws. This in my area, and most urban area's is strickly enforced. Basically, it is illegal to keep a dual wheeled vehicle in a residential area....and the fines are huge. This machine would also be past its weight for alot of roads...therefore in the case of alot of areas with a load in its box it would exceed its 5 tonne per axle maximum....therefore again...illegal to drive in most suburban areas.

I agree with your big vehicle argument when it comes to fuel economy....bigger is going to eat more doubt about it....thats why diesel is king...its actually extremely efficient when considering the weight of the vehicle as is! But the fact is...those with money for large vehicles must love to give out money at the pumps as well....thus why even though i could afford a vehicle such as a hummer...i would never buy one! For now im happy with my new volkswagen Gti, its a v6, 200hp, and still gets 700kms to a tank on $42 bucks with high grade gas! Long live the Vw Tdi
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