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Well the fact that this is aimed towards the normal market like the hummers, tells us that it WILL be driven in the city. I am not saying that diesel is better then my four popper. But things are getting blown out of proportion in the market. Why do people need this huge vehicles? 99 percent of it is for status and the odd day when your moving big loads. I would love to have a Jetta that ran on diesel and for everyone else to drive one. But, the big status cars are being produced running on gas. Take the Porsche Cayenne 8 banger. 450 horse, 100 litres. Will eat the 100 litres twice as fast as my 4 banger eats 40. Or the Escalade. Vehicles like this will never even see a dirt road. That truck just helps escalate this whole issue and other manufacturers are going to compete. K well I'm done, society sucks.

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