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I bought a focus 2 years ago cause the damn buick was a gaz addict, wouln't stop drinking... ;-)

My initial choice was to get the jetta tdi that does 1200km on a tank but the price was 10 grands more than my focus not to mention the insurances on it that were 800$ more per year...

So at the moment I drive a ford focus that gives me almost 800 km on highway, and about 650km in town driving. still pretty good. But I know diesel is better for then environment.

Just to mention, there was someone in montreal a few years back that modified his car to run on a mixture of canola or corn oil and diesel, don't know what happened to this guy, the oiling companies prob shot him ;-)

Also, I do not know if you guys saw the Toyota Prius. Well my neighbor bought one, I got to drive it, it's really kinda odd when you accelerate and the car always stays in the same gear. And it's a hybrid electricity/gaz. Very interresting seeing all the technology put in it, no buttons for the fan or radio, it's all on a touch screen and the hologram display on the window is awesome also for the spedometer.

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