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Im lovin this thread, very interesting. Being a heavy truck mechanic im well versed in those internationals. Actually that model is still fairly small compared to their other models, but as a pick up.....pretty cool.

I read someone remarking on the poor fuel economy of the vehicle and relating it to polution. I think its kinda sad ppl equate mileage to environment. If you look at the diesel engine and the way its made, study the actual emissions that come out of the tail pipe, you'll begin to understand why crowded areas like europe use probably more diesel vehicles then they do gas ones. The truth is that not only is diesel more efficient, its emissions are actually friendlier to the environment. A gas engine produces carbon monoxide....this stuff is very bad, where as diesels produce very little of that. Instead, carbon Dioxide is the biggest by product of diesel. The fact that a diesel uses compression to burn its fuel and not an open spark like gas does, actually means that the fuel burns as close to 100% as it possibly can....gas does not. Furthermore, this is a speciality truck, and they are probably rating its mpg with city driving....something cars are usually rated at. Now get this thing on the hiway and then see. Most of your Large hiway tractors come close to doubling this fuel economy......and your talking pulling 80,000 pounds or more behind you....lets see your gas engine do this. Volkswagen for those who don't know makes a very popular TDI diesel engine. It gets roughtly 1000-1100 Km's to a about $35 to fill......depending on where you live and which model you have....again, lets see your four banger produce those numbers with the same emissions output! This is why the trend now by the auto manufacturers is to Bio-Diesel.....fuel thats produced by rotted vegetable and garbage don't knock the diesel....Embrace it!!!

As for the rock truck...the company im currently working for has lots and lots of these things. None are solely least not that ive come across in the field so far. However, several of the bigger models are diesel over electric. They have a Diesel that runs the hydraulics and also turns an electric generator to produce power to turn the wheels. Its probably different with every mfg, but the majority have electric drive once they hit a certain size....kind of like trains
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