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My tastes vary from those that I've kept and those I haven't kept...

From those I've kept I'd say western hognosed snakes and burmese pythons;

and ones I haven't kept, but think are wonderful, are brazilian boas, as Dawnell mentioned, (they have fabulous colours) and eyelash vipers. I am also very, very in love with Gaboons. Beautiful, stocky, different-looking snakes. I'd love to own one someday...

As for why... hognosed snakes are just plain cute... they are also personable and nice handle. They can be difficult feeders, though...

Burmese pythons, from my experience, are extremely docile, handlable, and hardy snakes. They are a lot of fun to have as pets, but it also takes a lot of work to care for, and maintain them. I find mine is quite friendly and curious, which makes having him that much more enjoyable. They aren't for everyone, though...
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