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Originally posted by Vengeance
Just as an example, www kingsnake .com has a www kingsnake .ca address as well that has nothing but Canadian vendors on it. Why? Because when a Canadian is looking for a vendor it is much harder to have to sift through all of the stuff avilable in the Americian Herp market because our Canadian one is so small in comparision.
Sadly, quite a few of the vendors listed on the .ca address are American. I find it annoying as hell to have to do some detective work on a site to see if I can actually buy from it, when it's clearly listed as a Canadian vendor.

If anyone remembers my first post here a couple of months ago, it was a vent on how it was impossible to find people's address. I realize now that a lot of people operate out of their own homes, and don't list their addresses to maintain their privacy. I still maintain that it's important to list at least the city where you are though, as well as the phone number. I have a pretty good idea where everyone is located now, but that's after having spent months reading this site on a daily basis. A newcomer would not be privy to this knowledge however, and for that person listing a city can make all the difference.

Back on topic however, for me, I think it's important for this site to remain predominantly Canadian because the market is so small here. The American herp community is large enough that it can afford to be fragmented; the same can not be said about us. As much as I'd like to do every deal in person and not fork over the cash until I see the animal and can take it home with me, that's quite impossible for many of the species and/or morphs I am interested in. This site is very important for me to determine who is safe for me to deal with. BOI boards help, but a large part of the Canadian market is made up of people who breed on a very small scale. The only way for me to determine whether or not I should deal with one of these persons is to evaluate how they conduct themselves, the knowledge they demonstrate, and their experiences in the hobby. And even for the bigger breeders out there, I don't think I'd have any idea who they were if it wasn't for this site.

So, although I very much welcome any information from south of the border, I am much more interested in hearing about personal experiences from my fellow Canucks. Now, hearing more about the personal experiences of Americans doesn't necessarily mean there will be less to hear about from my fellow Canadians, but there will ultimately be some dilution that would reduce the utility of this site.

Anyway, I don't feel that there is any risk of that happening anytime soon, but it is nevertheless a concern that will be at the back of my mind. I'm happy to have the American members that we have now, and I think there's room for many more... just not so many more that the site loses the Canadian aspect of it.
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