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Whoa holy crap my post ran wild without me. Let ME clarify. I think its freaking great this is a Canadian site. I have no problems with that. I guess I was just being wistful reading everyones posts about what they picked up from so and so, and what just hatched out of so and so's incubators. Being American on this site, I can exactly go to the banner ads (which was what I was reffering too) and shop for myself. But that doesnt mean I have a PROBLEM with this site being mostly Canadian. What I have a problem with is how much similar American sites SUCK compared to this one. So you Canadians keep up the good work, eh.

And no, I wasnt even thinking about segregation and all that. This is a Canadian site and that rocks. I dont feel like im not appreciated or supported or important just because Im American. I totally respect that this is a place where people from Canada can hook up in the hobby.

It just sucks not being able to buy from the same breeders and suppliers you always hear everyone talking about, ya know. BUT- Its definitely nothing against this site, heck I love this place, and I totally understand its goals at staying Canadian aimed.

Cool discussion though, guys!

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