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I love some of the Americans on the site. I hope they will continue to post. Knowledge is knowledge. I am 100% pro Canadian. But I would never tell someone I didn't want to listen to what they have to say based on where they are from. That is not a very modern way of thinking. The internet allows us to become that "global village" that our high school teachers kept yammering about. Having said that I would hate to see an over abundance of American adds (not American people) just for the simple fact of where the heck else are we going to go to get our stuff. If it wasn't for this site though I would never have met a lot of cool people from around the world, the US as well as Canada. Heck I have met people from my own area on here that I never knew existed. So please don't take it personally we still love you guys , it's just that this is all we have at the moment. We are still playing catch up with the remarkable industry in the US.

How about the vendors classifieds couldn't US companies advertise there? As well as the American events and shows section? Or is the main argument about the banner adds? Because I don't see why on the main page there couldn't be a separate links box for American companies? TB
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