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IF you like what Mr. Moore did on Farenheight, check out the Rock Against Bush Albums produced by Phat Wreck Chords. Granted not everyone is a fan of modern Punk Rock, but each album (there are 2 volumes) comes with a DVD that includes a short documentary that is very intelligently presented, and contains mostly interviews with Former CIA,DOD and Republican figures that quit or were fired since the republican's took power. Each volume sells for $9.99 CAD at music world. Also, the latest album by NOFX "War on Erroism" is fantastic and contains lyrics that will get the activist going in even the most complacent. Couple of props given to Canada as well!
Another great album in the spirit of left wing protest, "Land of the Free?" by Pennywise (2003)
thought some of you might be interested.
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