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Talking We're in Toronto... Yeah!!! Vacation!!!

Hi Guys

We finally got off our butts and came to Canada to stay with friends!!! :bounce:

We are staying in Toronto for about another two weeks and we were wondering if anyone can give us some ideas of stuff to do that's herp-related?

We went to the zoo yesterday (love the retic! What a sweetie)

Are there any public serpentariums, and what reptile stores are worth visiting? Bearing in mind we can't actually give in and buy anything but we'd love to have a look around.

Also - totally herp-UNrelated - where's cool to eat/drink/party? :bounce:

BTW we love Toronto! No, I'm not just saying that because it's a Canadian forum! Canada's cool! I don't want to go home to damp, grey England... :grumps:

Anyway, thanks for any ideas/input, all much appreciated,

Cheers, m'dears,

Brig (complete with holiday-head, woo hoo!):thumbsup:
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