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Okay this is Jeff... First things first, nowones money was stolen. Walter paid for a front page banner advertisment which he has on the front page. He also paid for a forum banner which he told me he would email to me and right now my inbox has about 5000 emails in it and please excuse me if I missed it. Walter please email me the forum banner to and I will put it into rotation tonight.

Secondly, I am away and the site is not taking any money or banners or donations as I am not able to process them. I have to make money to live. Some of you might think I dont work but unfortunatley I work 12 hours a day 8 hours from home right now on contract, and yes working to make money comes before this web site which I spend the money I WORK TO GET on to keep it up and running. Not the website that makes me a ton of money so I dont have to work. Lets not get that twisted.

So there you have it, I am away and the site wont be accepting any donations or banner subscriptions untill my contract is up. I will let you know when im back. Sorry for any inconveniences for those who want to advertise but unfortunately we all have to work for a living and unless I win the lottery and can turn away good paying jobs out of town, you will just have to understand.
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