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I agree, but I also think that my Scenario is very possible. At the end of the day it really all comes down to money. If the owner of the site isn't making enough money from Canadian revenue, then ofcourse he is going to cross the border to find more money. So yea end of the day everything is based on what the owner of this site wants. But as an example, lets use the repti bid buttons. Now repti bid in and of itself isn't the greatest of sites. There still is allot if growing that needs to be done on that site before most people will think of it as a legitimate place to do buisness. Now if Repti bid does get to that point, Repti bid is a Americian site, as a Canadian, the site is usless to me, cool to look at what's selling for what, but I can't buy anything. So assuming repti bid becomes reputable, more Americians will be purchasing, and as a result because of the cross advertising they will be more of them posting here. Now as word spreads around, Americian vendors are going to see that the majority of posters here has taken a turn and Americians have a greater presence, and as such will begin advertising. So then we get to my propsed sceneario.

Now at that point there is a choice to be made. You can do the same think www kingsnake .com and create a .ca and .com address. I'm pretty sure that when you enter the reptiles forums from either .com or .ca they go to the same place. But the .ca offers a strickly Canadian side of vendors for Canadians, and the .com offers a strickly Americian side of Vendors for the Americians. Now to me that is the best case scenario, from a community stand point and a buisness stand point as the owner of the site. That way the Canadian side of buisness still stays seperate from that of the US. The Canadian vendors still get the Canadain exposure that they need to grow and then they don't have to compete for advertising space with the much larger number of Americian vendors. But the website community as a whole strenghtens because all are still able to communicate freely and offer up a wealth of information in the forms.

But that is a best case scenario.
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