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Before was here there was NO canadian herp place to talk that was even remotly active. Sure there were forums here and there with canadian sections, even maybe a couple dedicated. But the FACT is there was NOTHING like this website for Canadians before came along. Nothing.

I love Americans being here. I AM American. So anyone who thinks this is about that, is simply wrong. More people mean more discussion and that's great for everyone.

But the other side is, that canadians most certaintly DO need a place, not a section, not a small area, a CANADIAN place to sell and buy herps. I highly agree with RWG post. Once most of the advertising is USA, then Canandians stop bothering to sift and search through it all. It happened on queensnake and it has happened on other forums, which is why most of us from Canada stay here.

Again, it has NOTHING to do with not liking or liking Americans. Not at all.


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